Joint Industry Projects

Joint Industry Project #3: Recommended Practice for Sludge Deposit, Sampling, Storage, and Transportation for Midstream and Transmission Crude Oil Pipelines - In Progress

In this new project a recommended practice for sludge sampling, storage, and transportation will be developed from the current practices used in industry and through the testing and analysis of sludge deposits collected from pigging in midstream and transmission crude oil pipelines. The main objective is to obtain fundamental understanding on the effects of storage temperature and storage duration on the bacterial activity of sludge deposits. Analyzing bacterial population in sludge deposits is a crucial step in studying under-deposit corrosion (UDC) and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). The project will cover two main areas: 1) Gathering current industrial practices for sludge collection, storage, and transportation from the joint industry participating members; 2) Examining the effects of temperature and duration of sludge storage on the bacterial activity in the deposits.
Companies interested in more details about the recommended practice should contact: 

Tamer Crosby, Ph.D.,
Corrosion Engineering Team
+1 (780) 987-8760

Joint Industry Project #2: Evaluation of Pig Designs (Phase 2) - In Progress

A continuation of a previous study of pipeline cleaning tools (PIG's) in which pipeline operators and tool vendors funded the testing of commercially available cleaning PIGs in crude oil and water systems. The project will consist of four sub-projects which will address the effect of pig travel speed on pipeline cleaning, effectiveness of customized pig designs, a comparative pig wear/durability study and a test that compares the flow loop testing method to an alternative "pull through" testing method that has a greater potential to scale-up to larger diameter PIGs.
Companies interested in more details about the JIP or in becoming a member of the JIP should contact: 

Winston Mosher, MASc., P. Eng. 
Corrosion Engineering Team 
+1 (780) 987- 8352



Joint Industry Project #1: Evaluation of Pig Design for Deposit Removal from Corrosion Pits (Phase 1) - Completed

A joint industry project (JIP) funded by pipeline operators, pipeline inspecting gauges (PIG) suppliers and Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures is now in progress to evaluate the performance of an array of commercially available cleaning pigs in crude oil and water system. Various styles of cleaning pigs from multiple suppliers are being evaluated in a pilot scale flow loop at Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures' facility in Devon to test the pig's ability to remove sludge deposits from pits manufactured into pipe coupons.